Sheet Music - Christmas Song How grand and how bright

1. How grand and how bright
That wonderful night,
When angels to Bethlehem came!
They burst forth like fires,
They struck their gold lyres,
And mingled their song with the flame.

2. The shepherds were amazed,
The pretty lambs gazed
At darkness thus turned into light:
No voice was there heard
From man, beast, or bird,
So sudden and solemn the sight.

3. And then, when the sound
Re-echoed around
The hills and the dales all awoke;
The moon and the stars
Stopped their fiery cars,
And listened while Gabriel spoke:

4. "I bring you," said he,
"From the glorious Three,
Good tidings to gladden mankind;
The Saviour is born,
But he lies all forlorn
In a manger, as soon you will find."

5. At mention of this,
(The source of all bliss,)
The angels sang loudly and long;
They soared to the sky,
Beyond mortal eye,
But left us the words of their song:

6. "All Glory to God,"
Who laid by His rod,
To smile on the world through His Son:
"And peace be on earth,"
For this wonderful birth
Most wonderful conquests has won;

7. "And good-will to man,"
Though his life’s but a span,
And his thoughts so evil and wrong;
Then pray, Christians, pray;
But let Christmas-Day
Have your sweetest and holiest song.


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