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Bible Story of Abraham

Genesis 12:1-9

Many, many years later there lived a man and his wife named Abram and Sarai. They were happy, except for one thing. They wanted very, very much to have a baby. But the years went by and none came.

One night, Abram heard God speaking to him. “Abram, I will make your family very great. All people everywhere will be blessed because of you.”

The Lord told Abram to leave his home. Abram did not know where the Lord would lead him, but he did what God said.

He told Sarai what had happened and she trusted, too. She ordered the servants to pack the tents on to the camels.

“But where are we going?” they asked.

“I don’t know,” she said, then smiled. If Abram could wait for God to tell them where they were going, so would she.

Then one night, Abram heard God say, “Look up and count the stars.”Abram saw stars blinking everywhere. “Someday there will be as many in your family as there are stars in the sky,” God said.

Then God gave Abram and Sarai new names. Abram became Abraham, which meant “Father of Many.” and Sarai became Sarah, which meant “Princess.”

God led Abraham and Sarah, all their camels, sheep, goats and servants to the land of Canaan. He told them this is the land I will give to your children.” But God did not want Abram to stop in Canaan. Abraham and Sarah moved their tents to Mamre at Hebron. Year after year they wished for a child. Finally Sarah grew too old to have babies.

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